Created by Jacques Attali in 1998, the Positive Planet Foundation is recognized to be of public utility and has been certified ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale) in 2019.

The mission of Positive Planet and its entities is to promote and create positive economy in every line of business.

A society is “positive” when it develops initiatives that are viable for the economy, ecologically sustainable, socially fair and respectful of the principles of good governance.

The positive economy is a movement that supports society and its actors to become more positive. It is at the service of future generations.

The foundation’s goal is to promote positive economy and finance Positive Planet France and Positive Planet International programs.

Positive Planet France contributes to positive business creation and helps existing business to become so. It promotes initiatives that support positive economy mostly by developing “positive neighbourhoods”. Since 2006, Positive Planet France has created 41 branches in France. In more than 10 years the NGO has contributed to create 8 700 jobs and 7 500 companies.

Positive Planet International supports development initiatives of the different dimensions of positive economy, accompanies positive business creation and helps those that are not to become so in Africa and Middle-East. With around 40 ongoing projects in more than 20 countries, Positive Planet International has supported more than 11 million beneficiaries since 1998.

In 2019, the Positive Planet Foundation initiated the creation of the Positive Economy Institute, a for-profit organisation of which the foundation is the reference shareholder and that supports companies, territories and states towards positiveness.

The foundation also supports its two NGOs through partnerships and events.

Our team

Jacques Attali

President & Founder

of Positive Planet
Twitter : @jattali

Erika WOLF


Fondation Positive Planet



Positive Planet International


Chief Financial Officer & Deputy CEO

Positive Planet International

Géraldine PLENIER


Positive Planet France

Claudia RUZZA

Deputy C.E.O

Positive Planet France

Audrey Tcherkoff


Institut de l’Economie Positive

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