Created by Jacques Attali in 1998, Positive Planet fights against poverty and all forms of discrimination (professional exclusion, gender, social origin, etc.) by using an innovative solution for the most vulnerable populations: positive entrepreneurship.

Indeed, we are convinced that positive entrepreneurship and the skills that result from it allow the most precarious populations to integrate professionally and socially in a sustainable manner.

A business is positive when it is sustainable in four ways: socially, democratically, economically and environmentally.

This is why, internationally, particularly in Africa, Middle East and France, we use entrepreneurship as a mean of emancipation and self-realization by supporting and developing programs to support positive entrepreneurs and businesses.

We also help, through the Institut de l’Economie Positive, existing businesses, local authorities and any other entity, to become more positive, that is to say sustainable in four ways.

This is our mission, our duty and our responsibility.

Our team

Jacques Attali

President & Founder

of Positive Planet
Twitter : @jattali

Claudia RUZZA

Chairwoman of the board

Positive Planet



Positive Planet International


Chief Financial Officer & Deputy CEO

Positive Planet International

Géraldine PLENIER


Positive Planet France

Audrey Tcherkoff


Institut de l’Economie Positive

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