The foundation supports its two NGOs through partnerships with private actors and the organization of events :

Positive Planet Awards

For 12 years, the Positive Planet Awards have been an essential event for social innovation and entrepreneurship promotion worldwide.

Every year, ambassadors, head of companies and NGOs, partner, positive economy actors or committed celebrities gather around a common goal: understanding the Positive Planet world but mostly rewarding the success and determination of the beneficiaries through moving testimonies.

Genuine heroes, the prize-winners are role models for those who are not in the world of entrepreneurship yet.

The 2019 Awards have occurred this year in 2020, and took place on our social medias for the first time. Every prize-winner received a 1000€ check.

(General regulation about this event)

Positive Planet Awards 2018 at Louis Vuitton Foundation

Positive Auction Dinner

Every year the Positive Auction Dinner of the Foundation takes place. It gathers inspiring people who are committed to creating a more positive world for future generations. During the dinner a charity auction presenting contemporary artwork and unique experiences is organized.

In 2019, the Positive Auction Dinner took place on November 5th at the Biermans-Lapotre Foundation in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. All funds raised during the auction belongs to the two Positive Planet NGOs.

This dinner is a key to reinforce our impact on the field.

Positive Auction Dinner 2019 at Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation, Paris

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