Friday september 28

Corporate & general public day

The Volcan

Théâtre du Volcan – Grand Amphithéâtre


Master of Ceremony: Audrey Pulvar

9- 9:15 am – Mindfulness session

  • Dominique Retoux, mindfulness teacher

9:30-10 am – Opening

  • Luc Lemonnier, Mayor of Le Havre
  • Jacques Attali, President, Positive Planet


10-11 am – Mobility session

Rethinking mobility in an urbanizing world

Introduction by Taavi Aas, Mayor of Tallinn

Round table moderated by Clément Fournier, e-RSE :

  • Anne de Bagneux, Deputy General Director France in charge of the Southern zone, Transdev
  • Patrice Vergriete, Mayor of Dunkerque
  • Franck Bruel, Deputy General Director, ENGIE
  • Julien Honnart, Founder and president, Klaxit
  • Mohamed Sefiani, Mayor of Chefchaouen

Followed by a presentation about the autonomous mobility project in Le Havre and Rouen :

  • Isabelle Karcher-Bernard, Mobility and sustainable development Director, CODAH
  • Catherine Goniot, Deputy General Director, public space and sustainable mobility, city of Rouen

11:30-12:30 – Environment and energy session

Territories increasingly involved in the energetic transition

Discussion :

  • Jeannot Ahoussou-Kouadio, President of the Senate, Ivory Coast
  • Michèle Sabban, Honorary president, R20, President, Green Funds R20 for women

Round table moderated by Laure Drévillon, One Heart :

  • Bruno Goré, President of the Board, Caisse d’Epargne Normandie
  • Michel Derdevet, General Secretary, Enedis
  • Myriam Maestroni, President, Economie d’Energie
  • Laurent Hénart, Mayor of Nancy
  • Frédéric Aguilera, Mayor of Vichy
  • Jules Lella, Executive Director, Assembly of Regions and Districts of Ivory Coast


2-3 pm – Smart cities sesion

The city of the future, positive urbanism

Introduction by Philippe Close, Mayor of Brussels

Round table moderated by Patricia Cortijo, Utopies :

  • Emmanuel François, President, Smart Building Alliancce
  • Alain Renk, Founder of HOST, Wikibuilding project
  • Jean-Sébastien Decaux, General Director for Southern Europe, Belgium, Luxembourg, Africa, Israel, and member of the JCDecaux Board
  • Mikolaj Sekutowicz, Director of development, Therme Group
  • Representative, Caisse des dépôts


3-4 pm – Economic development session

Territories, major players of circular economy

Introduction by François-Michel Lambert, Founder and president, Insitute of Circular Economy

Round table moderated by Cynthia Illouz, Chari-T :

  • Fabrice Bonnifet, President, C3D, Sustainable development Manager, Bouygues
  • Anémone Berès, President, Envie network
  • Pierre Victoria, Director of Sustainable Development, Veolia
  • Isabelle Baur, President, Scarabée Biocoop
  • Alexandre Missoffe, Director, Paris Ile de France Economic Capital


4:30-5:30 pm  – Economic development session

Territorial coherence, axis of economic development? Example of the Seine Axis

Presentation of the Smart Port City project :

  • Hervé Martel, General Director, Haropa – Harbour of Le Havre
  • Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, 1st Vice president in charge of economic development, tourism and higher education, CODAH

Round table moderated by Dominique Laresche, TV5 Monde :

  • Patrick Devedjian, President, Hauts de Seine, President, Association of the Axe Seine Departments
  • Léa Lassarat, President, CCI Seine Estuaire
  • Antoine Berbain, Delegate General Director, Haropa
  • François Philizot, Interministerial delegate for the development, Vallée de la Seine
  • Frédéric Sanchez, President, Métropole Rouen Normandie


5:30-6 pm – Economic development session

The territorial positivity index, a practical commitment

Round table moderated by Cédric Baecher, Nomadeis :

  • Jacques Attali, President, Positive Planet
  • Patrick Devedjian, President, Hauts de Seine, President, Association of the Axe Seine Departments
  • Alain Rousset, President, Conseil Régional de Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • Luc Lemonnier, Maire of Le Havre
  • Emmanuel Grégoire, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of the budget, funding and transformation of public policies


6-7 pm – Positive territories award ceremony

Présentation par Sophie Cluzel, State Secretary to the Prime Minister, in charge of people with disabilities

Lesson : Edgar Morin : The importance of considering citizen, associative and political initiatives from territories.



Le Petit Amphithéâtre and Le Fitz will be reserved to professionals for Positive Labs, workshops and networking, to introduce them to new positive ways of managing their business within their territories

10-11 am – Environment sesion (Petit Amphithéâtre)

Can sustainable nutrition be accessible to all?

Positive Lab organised in partnership with the CODAH, moderated by Rebecca Armstrong, l’ATELIER :

  • Pierre Aschieri, Mayor of Mouans Sartoux
  • Laurent Artigou, Director, Rouen National Interest Market
  • Jerôme Lenormand, Farmer from the pointe du Havre
  • Thomas Guillemin, Social Centor Director in Le Havre
  • Sébastien Dutacq, President, Regional Association for agribusiness


11:30-12:30 pm – Economic session development (Petit Amphithéâtre)

Functionality economy: what if we tried a sustainable and responsible economic model?

Worksshop facilitated par Alain Le Corre, President, CJD Normandie


2-4 pm – Economic development session (Fitz)

To think the future of third places, write their stories

Workshop offered by Ouishare and facilitated by :

  • Samuel Roumeau, Connector France & Creating alternative designs for cities and organisations, Ouishare
  • Samuel Chabré, Expert in Collective Intelligence, Ouishare

representatives from Transdev, Caisse des Dépôts, Arp Astrance and ADEME


2-3 pm – Economic development session (Petit Amphitéâtre)

How to develop skills adapted to the needs of territorial businesses?

Positive Lab organised in partnership with the CCI Seine Estuaire, moderated by Ambroise Carrière, NWX Administrator and CEO, NowSocial:

  • Raphaël Clairin, Vice President Industry, CCI Seine Estuaire
  • Elian Pilvin, Director of Operations and Development, EM Normandie

Experts and companies members of the CCI Seine Estuaire.