On the occasion of the 7th edition of the LH Forum being held in Le Havre from 27 to 29 September 2018, Positive Planet is launching a call for projects to reward the major players in the development of the positive economy in territories and cities.

Positive Planet wishes to reward the most original, social and environmental initiatives through “positive territory” awards. On this occasion, a jury of experts, chaired by Jacques Attali, president of Positive Planet, will select 4 projects positively impacting the welfare of current and future generations.

All territories, even the smallest commune, in the country are invited to share on the platform their original initiatives that can be included in the following 4 categories of territorial initiatives:

Natural resources management

In order to remedy the damage caused to the environment, the territorial and social actors will have defined principles to manage in a reasonable way the natural resources, without overexploitation. All natural resources are concerned, whether energetic, food, mineral or mining, as well as the preservation of threatened animal species.

Social inclusion

The territories must find new local responses to the needs of social cohesion, job creation and respect for the environment. In a context of economic and social upheaval, these initiatives are part of new public policies and are designing new tools for the social and solidarity economy.

Waste reduction

Territories are invited to share initiatives, measures and actions that, from the design to the distribution of a product, aim to reduce the diversity, quantity and harmfulness of waste.

Sustainable urbanism

Territorial actors must highlight the ambitions of sustainable development to improve the quality of life, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stimulate the local economy while preserving natural resources and landscapes.

In 2018, the LH Forum takes an international dimension and evolves with a highlight of positive cities and territories. It will gather over 5,000 people around the positive economy.

In addition to highlighting the actions carried out on your territory, the “Positive Territory” prices will allow to:

  • Share innovations in the spatial planning sector,
  • Encourage the altruism of existing actors and new circles and create a community of committed regional actors
  • Present your achievements to the general public, media and leaders committed to the positive economy

The ultimate goal is to create the territorial positivity ecosystem that values ​​innovation for future generations.


Please send us the following information :

  • your project category,
  • a short and long description,
  • photos or videos,
  • report or summary,
  • financing or budget,
  • number of people affected
  • your motivations for this award.


We count on your participation to enrich the discussions around positive territories.

For more information, please contact :