Positive Planet was created by Jacques Attali in 1998 to promote growth and fight against poverty by enabling the most vulnerable populations to become independent and to transmit a better world to future generations through entrepreneurship. In 20 years, our actions have supported more than 11 million families around the world.

We believe that by helping the poor, economically, culturally and socially, we help the entire planet to become more peaceful, more sustainable and more positive.


Our mission :

The mission of Positive Planet is to provide everyone with the means to undertake, and thus create the conditions for resilience and professional, cultural and social sustainable development. Positive Planet works in more than 35 countries with the NGO Positive Planet International, and in France with the NGO Positive Planet France and its program “Entrepreneurship in the suburbs”. In 2006, a venture capital company was set up to finance entrepreneurs mainly from the districts, either through equity investments or by granting equity loans. Positive Planet also develops, through Positive Economy Advocacy, its advocacy programs to promote a “positive” economy, that is to say, taking into account the interest of future generations.

To enable the most destitute to become self-reliant, without having to depend on charity to ensure the future of their children in dignity and fulfillment, the Positive Planet Foundation raises funds through events such as the Positive Planet Awards, the Positive Cinema Week in Cannes, gala dinners.

Our team

Jacques Attali

Président Positive Planet
Twitter : @jattali

Thierry Chamouton

Conseiller Spécial du Président

Olivier Decamps

Vice-Président exécutif  Finances

Géraldine Plenier

Directrice Générale Positive Planet France

Twitter : @gplenier

 Audrey Tcherkoff

Vice-président exécutif Positive Planet
Twitter : @AudreyTcherkoff

Marie-Laure Dureau-Gaillard

Secrétaire Générale des Associations

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