Clément Le Bras

Very early on, Clément Le Bras, co-founder of Lilo, decided to commit to social innovation. A specialized engineer in energy, he dedicated his dissertation to agribusiness strategic analysis and developing 2G biomass chains. The goal? Better understanding the strong stakes and intrications between food and the energy of tomorrow. In 2014, he graduated from l’Ecole des Mines de Paris. In 2012, he went to work for an NGO in Madagascar. He works on an education programme and participates in developing a first social business. This strong experience confirmed his willingness to commit to an economy put at the service of man. In Cambodia in 2014, he conducted an audit on new methods of funding for NGOs and developing social businesses. Passionate about new technologies, he realizes that digital tools can be instrumental in developing social innovation. In 2015, with the help of Marc Haussaire, computer engineer, he launched the idea of a search engine which funds social and environmental projects.

Lilo is a strong tool to accompany and foster behavior changes. Through its mechanism, Lilo generates a ratchet effect. From a “drop”, the user commits practically in leading a project that holds meaning. 50% of revenue generated by ethical web services developed by Lilo are redistributed to non-profits, NGOs, foundations, and social economy actors. Overt 1,000,000 euros have already been redistributed to approximately a hundred qualified actors – non-profits, NGOs, foundations, social businesses – in the social, environmental, educational and health fields.