Alain Le Corre

President of the Normandy CJD branch for 2018-2020, Alain Le Corre promote a new and more virtuous economic model in Normandy: EFC (or functional and cooperative economy) through the CJD and the INNÉ club. He committed to this path in 2013, after deciding to switch up his business’ policy: la Grignoterie, a fast food family business. His goal: having a positive impact on people’s health and the environment; leaning away from an economic model focused on volume-based profitability and productivity at the expense of humans, quality, and resource management. He then committed to the CJD 4 years ago by developing tools to introduce business-owners to new models. He has now rooted his company in walking businesses in Normandy towards EFC and helping business-owners take a step back on their own economic model.