Starting from the realization that the reign of urgency today dominates the economy and society as a whole, the Positive Planet group created the movement of positive economy in 2012 with a goal: to prioritize long-term thinking in our decisions and actions and create an international network of committed actors for future generations.


Positive economy, what is it?

An economy that serves future generations, favors responsible growth, sustainable and inclusive, respectful of the environment and at the service of society. It is defined more precisely in the report “For a positive economy» given to François Hollande in 2013.


Our engagement for a positive economy:

Reveal and bring together actors who have a positive impact for future generations, raise public awareness of positive initiatives that exist around the world, and support nations, territories and businesses in their positive transformation.


Our actions:

Positive Economy Forums

The LH Forum in Le Havre, our historic Forum created in 2012, is aimed at the general public and brings together all the actors committed to a positive and sustainable transition of territories. In 2018, the forum will take place the 28 & 29 September and will become the International Meeting of Cities and Positive Territories;

Registration :


The Global Positive Forum in Paris, launched on 1 September 2017 under the high patronage of President Emmanuel Macron, addresses leaders who have the power to build a better world and is the sounding board of the Etats Généraux of Future Générations. The forum will take place on the 20th November 2018 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris;



Consultations, think tanks and publications:

Indexes to measure the positivity of economic actors:

In order to support economic actors in their positive transformation, it is necessary to be able to evaluate the progress made as well as those that remain to be done in order to better take into account the interest of future generations. It is for this reason that Positive Planet created the indexes of positivity. With specific versions for nations, territories and businesses, they are an alternative measure of wealth and performance, and analyze the ability of entities to place altruism and the interest of future generations at the heart of their priorities.

  • The indexes of positivity of the nations are published each year for the countries of the OECD on the occasion of our Forums
  • The indexes of territorial positivity can be calculated for cities and departments wishing to get involved in this process
  • Positive business indexes are a real diagnostic and strategic thinking tool, allowing companies to explore new ways to measure, analyze and report on their performance, in the light of their impact. on subsequent generations.



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